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Affordable Flatbed Towing Services in OKC

Flatbed Towing Services in OKC

The Sheridan Bros Towing company and a network of independent tow truck operators has been around in Oklahoma City for a long time. And in that time we have built a level of expertise in our business that is difficult to rival. We have assisted motorists with all kinds of vehicular trouble across the length and breadth of our city. Whether you’re a truck driver whose truck has broken down, or a motorcyclist whose motorcycle is stuck in a ditch, or even a car driver who’s been locked out of his own care, then we are the experts you need to call.

Customer Satisfaction above All Else

Sheridan Bros Towing prides itself at providing 100% customer satisfaction. We offer the best towing services in town, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No holiday, bad weather or traffic jam keeps us from keeping our commitment of being by our customers’ side within 30 minutes of having received an SOS call from them. We also ensure satisfaction not just in services, but also in competitive and transparent pricing. Our customers know exactly how much they will be paying for services provided even before our team reaches them; we don’t believe in hidden charges.

Most towing companies work only regular hours, and those that do work 24/7 usually demand a higher price for after-hours services. We don’t. You will get the same price for the same service, day or night.

  • Roadside Assistance Services

We offer all possible kinds of roadside assistance, even those you would normally have to wait in a garage to get repaired. Here is a comprehensive list of all the services you can get from us – and all of it right where you are.

  • 24/7 towing services: This includes all forms of towing services such as the more cost effective tow trucks, emergency towing, Motorcycle towing, short- and long-distance car towing, car dolly towing and flatbed towing
  • Roadside Assistance: Any kind of roadside assistance for your car can be taken care of by us. The list includes flat tire changing, battery jump starting, gas refueling and locksmith services.
  • Locksmith services: these services include anything that might be wrong with your vehicle’s locks or keys. Whether it be duplicating, replacing, extracting broken keys from the ignition or doors or trunks and opening jammed doors or trunks, we can take care of it for you. Our team of locksmiths are all qualified and licensed professionals.
  • Wrecker Services: in case of an unfortunate accident, or a car breakdown, then our wrecker services are the best in town.

Flatbed Towing Services

We are experts in towing services, that being our core business. We commit to our customers that our team will preserve the current condition of your car – we will not allow any further damage to your car in the towing process. We will ensure that the transition from the roadside to wherever it is that the vehicle needs to be transported will be accomplished smoothly, with no hassles and absolutely no further deterioration.

Flatbed towing is one of our specialties. There is no safer way to transport an already damaged vehicle than in a flatbed tow truck. Our towing crew is professionally certified. And since customer safety is our prime concern, we ensure that each of our team has a background verification done and all their credentials checked. While most towing companies stop operations after regular work hours, we offer 24/7 flatbed towing services to any part of town. And the best part is, we don’t charge our customers an extra fee for after-hours towing assistance, which makes it a cost effective solution.

Over and above this, our towing services offer the fastest response time in Oklahoma City. Thanks to the fact that we have been around a long time, we know OKC better than any other towing company in the area. The advantage it gives us is that we can get to our customers faster. When a customer is stranded on a highway with speeding traffic, or stuck alone on a deserted road late at night, then time is definitely of the essence. And we win hands down in this department.

Our number is (405)259-5655 and we are available for 24/7 towing services anywhere in OKC.


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